Universal Design

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Kitchen Remodeling

Universal Design, also known as “barrier free” or “aging in place”, creates an environment that allows those with disabilities or limited mobility to thrive in their homes with little adaptation to their surroundings. As life expectancy is on the rise, seniors are choosing to adapt to their homes to fulfill their long-term care and accessibility needs.

Today, demand is growing for universal design, as those with physical disabilities or limited mobility begin to move toward more long-term housing options with new conveniences that assist their way of life.  Whether you need kitchen remodeling or updates to your bathroom or custom kitchen cabinets that create ease of access, Zieba Builders understands how universal design can affect your loved ones’ quality of life; we know how to seamlessly incorporate these changes into your home remodel.  Here are some of Zieba Builders’ universal design special features:

  • Leveling pathways and entrances to eliminate trip hazards
  • Handrails, ramps, and porch lifts increase safety with the use of mobility devices
  • Widening of doorways to allow easier access of wheelchairs
  • Kitchen remodeling and installing custom kitchen cabinets with pull-out shelves in kitchen to allow easier access without banding or crouching
  • Barrier-free shower provide independent access to shower for all ages and disabilities

“Our home turned out better than expected. We got lucky being referred to the Zieba’s and could not be happier with the entire experience. All commitments that were made were kept and completed to our total satisfaction.”

– K. and T. King