General Contractor

General Contractor

Accountability and Honesty

general contractor

Choosing the right general contractor can be crucial to your home remodeling project. It can make all the difference between having a wonderful and fulfilling experience or one that is a total nightmare. A general contractor like Zieba Builders has more experience and knowledge of industry standards and keeps up-to-date on codes and requirements.

Zieba Builders is a fully-insured and licensed home remodeling company that takes pride in our business model of being honest, and delivering excellent personal customer service experiences. The combined technical skills of our general contractor and team members allow us to meet client expectations and deadlines. We take accountability for all phases of the project and, in the end, can save you time and money, making sure the job is completed successfully, efficiently and on budget.

“Exceeded expectations. An architect, my brother, reported wood work was “furniture quality”. Top quality throughout. Joe is familiar with craftsman architecture, a plus when dealing with the historical committee.”

-Tom and Chris Horan