Functional Art for Your Bath: 3D Faucets

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3d faucetsFeast your eyes on these beauties! DXV by American Standard has created the very first 3D metal printed faucet. Each individual design is truly a work of art, presenting water in ways we’ve never seen in residential bathrooms. Not only beautiful, these stainless steel fixtures also meet water efficiency standards set by the EPA and actually use 45% less water than standard faucets.

Each magnificent fixture is first created with computer-guided laser, which fuses powder metal with heat and pressure to create the desired shape. It takes roughly 24 hours to print one fixture. Once the solid metal rises from the powder, an artisan takes over and hand finishes each piece to give it a patina reminiscent of antique silver.

Here’s a look at the three designs

  • The Vibrato seems like an optical illusion with its open lattice metal work. Water is delivered through concealed waterways to create a stream through the main spout.


  • The Troupe is the most tailored design of the three. With a hollow twist at its base, it also appears to be completely hollow. Water is actually delivered through the four slender sections of the twist.

3d faucets

  • The Shadowbrook was designed to mimic the visual of a stream of water in a riverbed. Cascading water flows from 19 individual waterways.

3d faucets

When was the last time you washed your hands in a babbling brook? Imagine the impact of one of these 3D faucets in your own bath. Similar to a great piece of art, they are currently priced between $17,000 and $19,500 and only available through select showrooms. For more information and product updates, you can register on DXV’s website. For more information on designing your custom space using new, innovative fixture, contact Zieba Builders, Inc.