Joe Zieba

Joe Zieba general contractor

Joe Zieba, CGR, CAPS

Joe Zieba, our founder and president studied architecture and engineering at the University of Maryland where he graduated with honors in 1984. After receiving his B.S. in Engineering, Joe worked as a civil engineer contractor for the Department of Defense on a small atoll in the South Pacific. However, Joe eventually left engineering behind and settled in Southern California, establishing his own company in 1988 as a general contractor. He began building a team of expert designers and builder craftsmen that shared his passion for perfection to help meet the demand for his general contractor services. Many of those early partners still work for the company today.

When not working on ZBI’s projects, Joe enjoys the company of his family, whether on a camping trip, attending the kids’ sporting events, going wakeboarding or preparing a barbeque feast for friends in the backyard. Sometimes he even does a little project or two for himself.